Tool Box

ANTA, actor-network text analyzer
Type: text analyzer
Source: medialab |sciences po

“ANTA or Actor Network Text Analyzer is a piece of software developed by the Sciences Po médialab to analyses medium-size text corpora, by extracting the expressions they contained in a set of texts and drawing a network of the occurrence of such expressions in the texts.”

TXM, actor-network text analyzer
Type: text analyzer
Source: Textométrie

“The TXM platform combines powerful techniques for the analysis of large body of texts into a modular and open-source framework (Heiden, 2010; Heiden et al., 2010; Pincemin et al., 2010). It was initiated by the Textométrie research project[1] that launched a new generation of textometrical research, in synergy with existing corpus and statistics technologies (Unicode, XML, TEI, NLP, CQP and R).”

Issue Scraper
Type: Web-tool
Source: The Foundation team

“The IssueScraper is a web application that performs comparative analysis of blogs and news. It watches the movement of stories across media spaces. It is built with wizards to enable step-by-step story mapping. The software also has a free analysis path.”

Type: Web-tool
Source: Webatlas
Compatibility: Needs firefox

“Navicrawler is a Firefox applet. By using it, you can create graphs representing all the websites you have visited as well as classify and list those websites. Navicrawler collects those data while you navigate, helping you to understand your own exploration. Its create graphs (but you will have to use other softwares – such as Pajek or Guess- to visualize them.) Navicrawler has been developed mainly for the needs of social sciences research. Its aim is to ease gathering helpful data for the study of the web. It was build to allow experts to explore the web, to visualise it as a territory, and to constitute corpuses useful for them. Navicrawler is free open source software.”

Digital Methods Initiative 
Type: Web-tool
Source: MACOSPOL and the Foundation team!
Type: Web-tool

Google Trends
Type: Web-tool

Type: Web-tool (Wikipédia)

“We have a web-based platform – or data hub – where programmers write scripts to get, clean and analyse data sets. They can simply schedule code to run automatically, and they can reuse the structured data with our flexible API.”

Many eyes 
Type: DataViz
Source: alphaworks, IBM
Compatibility: N/A, Java plugin required

“Many Eyes is a bet on the power of human visual intelligence to find patterns. Our goal is to “democratize” visualization and to enable a new social kind of data analysis…
We all deal with data that we’d like to understand better. It may be as straightforward as a sales spreadsheet or fantasy football stats chart, or as vague as a cluttered email inbox. But a remarkable amount of it has social meaning beyond ourselves. When we share it and discuss it, we understand it in new ways.”

The Open Graph Viz Platform
Type: DataViz
Source: Gelphi Consortium
Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

“Gephi is an open-source software for network visualization and analysis. It helps data analysts to intuitively reveal patterns and trends, highlight outliers and tells stories with their data. It uses a 3D render engine to display large graphs in real-time and to speed up the exploration. Gephi combines built-in functionalities and flexible architecture to explore, analyze, spatialize, filter, cluterize, manipulate, and export all types of networks.”


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